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Why can’t virtual reality games be a thing already? Not gonna lie, plain old earth isn’t doing it for me. I wanna go on awesome adventures. Fight monsters with giant swords and whatnot but with my mind/virtual body instead of a controller.
The other option is for me to become an incredibly self indulgent writer but that’s pretty looked down upon and is more work so….

Girls crying over their feelings for boys, boys crying over their feelings for girls. I’m always caught between “Thats dumb. Why the hell do you want that? I don’t get it” And a teeny bit of jealousy cause I’m not sure I’ve ever felt that strongly about anything like ever. Sometimes I wanna know how stuff feels but I think it might just be because I’m bored. Ever since I left middle school the drama level in my life has been steadily declining. Maybe I’m just craving that.

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